PM Equity Partner (PMEP) is the corporate venture capital arm of Philip Morris International (PMI) (NYSE:PM). We actively seek investment opportunities in innovative technologies and business that support PMI's vision toward a smoke-free future and in new areas in the wellness and healthcare space, as well as social and environmental impact investments.


PM Equity Partner benefits from the global footprint of Philip Morris International.

This allows us to have access to:


180 markets worldwide


Around 80k employees with diverse skill sets and knowledge, including our venture partners


High visibility in the market and some of the world’s most valuable brands


More than 1.5k world-class scientists including renowned R&D specialists across our business and state of the art facilities and equipment in particular high-tech labs at PMI's R&D center - The Cube, in Neuchâtel


Our global supply chain and distribution network


Our own network of VC funds and investors

Transforming for good

We want to change society and deliver a better, smoke-free future. To make our vision a reality we are transforming and staking our entire future on replacing cigarettes with smoke-free products. We are also committed to developing new products in the wellness and healthcare space.

Our Portfolio

Our long-term investment approach offers the stability for achieving remarkable and sustainable results. We collaborate to innovate, explore, leverage knowledge, and share perspectives together.