PM Equity Partner (PMEP) is the corporate venture capital arm of Philip Morris International (PMI). We actively invest in technologies and businesses that support PMI’s vision for a smoke-free future, and we are proud to be part of this global transformation!

PMEP invests in early and growth stage companies with technology-based business models and proven commercial traction (i.e. existing revenue or contract), which fit into our focus

The companies we back are able to tap into PMI’s extensive R&D capabilities, operational and marketing excellence, and deep involvement in supply chain. We provide our entrepreneurs with long-term support not only on financing, but also for mutual benefits at strategic and commercial level.

" PMEP wants to learn from you!...
But also wants to add to your success "

PM Equity Partner benefits from the global footprint of our parent Company, Philip Morris International. This allows us to have access to:


180 markets worldwide

Around 77k employees with diverse skill sets and knowledge, including our venture partners

Our high visibility in the market and building up some of the world’s most valuable brands

More than 300 world class scientists and high-tech equipped labs in the R&D Cube in Neuchâtel

Access to our global supply chain and distribution network

Our own network of VC funds and investors

The PM Equity Team

We have travelled the world, speak many languages, and we are a no-nonsense team. We are the corporate venture capital and private equity investment arm of Philip Morris International (NYSE:PM). Meet the team that keeps its feet firmly on the ground and always aims high.

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PM Equity Portfolio Companies

Our long-term investment approach offers the stability for achieving remarkable and sustainable results. We collaborate to innovate, explore, leverage knowledge and share perspectives together.