Investment Focus

Investment Focus
PMEP acts as a Strategic Investor. We believe that, regardless of the type of collaboration, together we are stronger and can strive to create value and foster growth.

We actively seek investment opportunities in innovative technologies and businesses that support PMI's vision toward a smoke-free future and in new areas in the wellness and healthcare space, as well as social and environmental impact investments.

Our Investment Areas
Reduced-Risk Products Inhalable Reduced-Risk Products Inhalable
Reduced-Risk Products Oral Reduced-Risk Products Oral
Self-Care And Wellness Self-Care And Wellness
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Rrp Inhalable

RRP Inhalable 1

PMI has pioneered the development, scientific substantiation and responsible commercialization of Reduced Risk Products (RRP).


IQOS, our smoke-free, electronically Heated Tobacco System, inhalable innovation, became the first and only nicotine product to receive MRTP (Modified Risk Tobacco Product) authorization from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the U.S.

To remain on the path to our smoke-free future, technology innovation remains at the core of delivering the best consumer experience and at keeping our edge in the smoke-free inhalable product category.

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RRP Inhalable Background

RRP Oral

RRP Oral 1

PMI is growing its portfolio of smoke-free products, providing a range of better choices than combustible cigarettes to satisfy the diverse taste, use, technology, and price preferences among adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking.

PMI has pursued its global leadership ambitions in the rapidly growing smoke-free oral nicotine product category, leveraging the superior commercial and technological capabilities acquired with Swedish Match and Fertin.

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Self-Care and Wellness

Self-Care and Wellness 1

PMI has established a wellness investment corridor to access the growing consumer health market and address unmet consumer needs by leveraging Fertin’s innovation and manufacturing capabilities, as well as the capabilities of carefully selected external partners.

PMI aims to commercialize scientifically substantiated botanical products that help people take well-being into their own hands and is exploring opportunities to enter the cannabinoid (CBD) space for consumer health.

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Impact 1

For PMI, sustainability is a fundamental opportunity for innovation, growth, and long term value creation. Impact investments aim to generate strategic value by helping us to improve the way we run our company. Ultimately, this also contributes to a better perception of our brand while having a positive impact on our planet and communities.

PMI looks for companies providing sustainable technologies and solutions that we can apply in our value chain to increase efficiency and effectiveness of processes, reduce costs, save energy and other resources or reduce our carbon footprint.

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